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Herniated Disc Treatment

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Changing the disc is a natural thing that happens with the increasing age. This is a part of our gradual loss when we get old with time. Those who are not aware of herniated disc problem, this is the severe condition when a person cannot lift the heavy load and not perform demanding physical activities. The diagnosis of disc problems has a variety of methods available in the market. However, the most effective and result-oriented approach is chiropractic.
The herniated disc treatment process typically begins with booking an appointment with a chiropractor. They will first review the complete cause of the issue and then locate the affected areas in your body. Throughout the process, you would have to cooperate by letting them know how your disc problem feels, such as searing, sharp, or it is just painless. They will also ask you whether certain body positions make you feel more about your disc problem, etc.

How we perform Herniated Discs treatment through Chiropractic technique?

Being a reputed Chiropractic clinic in Bronx, NY, Anan Chiropractic PC uses nonsurgical ways to cure patients. First of all, we will address your back pain and other root herniated disc symptoms in your back. When you book an appointment with us, we will seek your medical history as the root cause of your problem. After that, our experts will do your physical exam and perform basic tests.
Once we get to know the type of problem you have mentioned, these are a few of the treatment options that we offer to our clients.

Flexion – A technique to Herniated Discs

This technique is used to identify the symptoms of your body. In this step, our experts will gently stretch the spine. This way, our chiropractor will better known affected areas while slowly flexing the spine using the pumping system. Throughout the process, your chiropractor will follow the treatment plan that they build at the initial stage.


Manipulation under anaesthesia is the process that our chiropractor follows for specific conditions. This treatment will be performed at the clinic. In this process, the patient will be debated for a short period, for 5 to 6 minutes. While the patient is asleep the chiropractor will starch the treatment area while your body will be in relaxation mode. They will perform this process within 2 to 3 sessions.

Pelvic Blocking Technique

This process involves using cushioned wedges that will be placed on each side of the pelvis. They may also let you do gentle exercise. The overall purpose of this process is to draw a distance between the disc and nerve system.

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Before implementing anything on your disc, our knowledgeable team will make a plan for you. If such treatment does not improve your condition, we will help you find the best surgeon or pain management specialist in the area. We care for our patients and help them with the complete dedication to come out from this chronic state.
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