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Slip and Fall injury treatment - bronx ny

A slip and fall injury can make the victim to experience many hassles such as trauma to the bones, muscles or ligaments, joints on any part of the body. This trauma can lead to misalignments in the spine, resulting in severe pain and movement restrictions. Anan Chiropractic PC is a premier healthcare provider in offering excellent treatment for slip and fall injury that is non-invasive and drug-free treatment option to help patients access fast recovery from the ailments.

The slip and fall treatment procedure employed by our team of expert Chiropractors involve adjustment of the spine in order to correct misalignments and removal of the interference within the nervous system that is caused by the slip and fall injuries. As soon as the interference is rectified, the body can heal itself and the patient can regain a normal state of health.

We focus on problems with the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system and hence, it is highly suited to treat Slip and Fall injuries. Our unique treatment offer the patients a safe and effective alleviation of pain by enhancing the range of motion and the capability of the body to heal naturally.

Failing to urge the proper care can cause your pain and injury to worsen. Some slip and fall injuries can result in different conditions sort of a pinched nerve or muscle weakness. If you’re dealing with pain after a fall, get the assistance you wish by contacting the chiropractors at Anan Chiropractic PC in Bronx, NY.

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