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Spinal Adjustment

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Pain is the first indicator that shows the body’s functionality is not properly working. If you experience such chronic pain in your spine, it is your time to take the help of our chiropractors. The foremost reason for taking services soon is that the obstacles may arise once the spinal adjustments problems become severe. Thus, Anan Chiropractic PC being the responsible chiropractic clinic of Bronx, NY, we ensure to detect and correct these imbalances in your body. So, the primary imbalance that needs to be resolved within your body is your spine.
Our vision is to give our clients a better opportunity to heal and recover in a short period. As there is a saying that everyone in the world has a healing potential, no matter how severe their condition is, but they can recover soon with the right treatment.
Generally, the spinal misalignments in your body called vertebral spinal subluxations. Once your spine is free from these unwanted components, you will achieve a desirable balance within your body. Once your spinal issues will be fixed, it will be quite easy to resolve other issues related to your body, such as headaches, back pain and many more.

Our Mission

Being a renowned clinic, our mission is to analyse the weak areas around your spinal, rectify them and work accordingly to provide you with the best possible chiro treatment. Our principle is based on the fact that the human body can heal itself. All they need is will power and positivity around.
The role of chiropractic firm is that they detect vertebral spinal subluxations in your body and allow it to work to its full potential to heal from spinal problems. Besides this, proper nutrition in terms of a balanced diet plan, body movement in terms of exercise and yoga regularly, and spiritual balance are the key components to overcome severe spinal conditions.
Our technique is a combination of spinal alignments and advanced instruments to treat your body effectively. For that, we provide therapies such as electric muscle stimulation, laser therapy to overcome pain, instrumental massage and ultrasound massage. Throughout the process, our expert team will let you know about the corrective exercises to assist you in the healing process.
We treat people from different parts of the country to come into terms, as spinal issues have become common nowadays. Our team has served thousands of people until now to overcome pain and regain their health and feel rejuvenated again. We have successfully treated neck pain, back pain, headaches and many more body problems, and our customer’s reviews are testimonies of it.

Grab an Opportunity

Talk with our chiropractic expert and know which therapy best suits your spinal problem and what activities you might try to recover from soon. Build your muscle strength and overcome your spinal pain in no time. Make haste and contact us today.
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